Replacement BEHR radiator

Just received an email from Van-Again USA suggesting the South African made replacement BEHR radiator may be NLA:

“OE Style Radiators in stock at Van-Again.
People ask me if we can get the OEM Behr South African Radiators for the Vanagon all the time. The answer is no we cannot and neither can anyone else. This situation is not going to change as that ship has sailed. However one of my suppliers has made an excellent copy of this radiator. It is made in Taiwan instead of South Africa but the quality is excellent and the price is right at $199 on sale right now. I have 10 in stock at the moment. If you are looking for a nice replacement radiator, these are great.”

Over recent years, quite a few members had bought the SA made BEHR. Just in time?

The alternative seems to be suitable.

Americans love these vans so they are guaranteed to source a quality replacement.

The price seems good too.

So the list goes on of parts you can no longer get… :: Vanagon - View topic - Radiator brand/manufacturer: Behr, Nissens, JP/Dansk,…

Might be worth getting local built!! Not sure if they would have minimum quantities to custom build
Aftermarket Store | PWR Corporate
I have a contact there.

I still believe the original (stamped 1989 build) OEM radiator I removed was clearly better quality than the replacement SA built BEHR radiator I installed.

Somehow the OEM original lasted about 30+ years. What chance the SA BEHR?