Restored Trakka(?) Syncro

Nice resto.

Posted this a while back but unsure if anyone picked it up (only 2 views apparently as was in a different category so might not have been obvious).

Great looking van and well documented.

Hi Jon.
No…I hadn’t seen that post before.
That’s a great story…and Australians too.
Thanks for posting.

I saw that on another site.

It looks great but I cant find the fuel filler unless the photo-shopped it out?

Maybe that why someone filled the water tank with fuel as they couldn’t find the fuel filler??

Rewatched it and not sure there is a shot of the driver’s side with Syncro filler. I see the standard filler which presumably they are using for water (or not - whoops).

Hi Jon, If you look near the very end of the video it shows the drivers side full length which shows a small gas filler or water filler down low near where the syncro filler would be but the syncro filler is missing??

Where do they have it???

Very strange…

Ah yes I see now Scott. All very strange.

And round clamshell under the front. Would a Syncro have that? Mine doesn’t.

More pics here:


Thats the shot - where did the factory filler go?

This is why I think their friends filled up the water tank with petrol - they couldn’t fine the petrol filler…

Just to add some more curiosity in here - the VIN number says it has been build in Hannover and not in Graz. Apart of some prototypes, all Syncros have got a G for Graz in their VIN number.
Either a converted 2WD or still a 2WD :thinking:

Edit: just saw another pic and it definitely has got some drive shafts on the front axle

The Vin/Chassis number is a give away.


The plot thickens.

Maybe is one of those hydrogen powered vehicles that can run on water. :thinking: