Riverside Burrum Heads Campground

Had a fun little adventure to Burrum Heads to paint my recently acquired investment property and stayed at Riverside Burrum Heads as it requires a 4WD to access it.

It about a 10min drive from Burrum Heads main town centre (where you can get food, fuel etc - even a Pub and a Bowling Club) but it runs through the Burrum Coast National Park.

It was getting very churned up with the 4WD’s pulling large caravans (seems to be the trend these days) and the lack of rain but the property is on the riverfront and has direct access to it if you have a boat etc.

Big Shady open paddock with table and chairs, fire places and hot showers a short walk away.

Quite a few of those horrible little Midges when the wind dies down but the Bushman fixed that.

A cool place I thought I would share…

Looks like a nice spot!


Except for the midges.

The track in was getting really churned up as they really are not getting any rain up there at all.

Lucky I only had the trailer for 1 day - so it only had one ride in and one ride out. My tools were well scattered throughout the trailer!

Bit of a wild ride as the caravanners seem to like to turn a lot in the deep soft sand - meaning everyone else does to as the ruts steer you quite a lot.

I cant wait to get in the sand, Im fitting a decoupler and solid shaft this weekend, Also replacing the rear cv’s…How does yoru van go in the sand?..What system are you running?.

Hi Joe,

I am running a stock but slightly aggressive VC with stock open front diff.

I also have a de-coupler with near stock gearbox with diff lock.

I now drive around with my de-coupler engage almost always - constantly on the highways and any speeds over 50km/hr as if you dont the gearbox will get very hot.

A mate from South Africa Stuart Stirling put a temp gauge on his front and rear diffs and found the front diff gets to 275 degrees when coupled and the gearbox only 120 degrees. Its the other way around in 2wd mode - the gearbox gets very hot - which kills the oil and eventually the gearbox.

Best to do everything possible to keep the gearbox cool - they are very expensive to fix!

I have big tyres on 15" alloys and a scoobie 2.5 frankenmotor pushing it.

All works very well together.

Burrum Heads, as in Hervey Bay area?

Nice spot

Yep thats the one.

Awesome spot but doesn’t seem to rain there much!

and Maryborough - just down the road…