Sale of my beloved Syncro

I have finally decided to part with my beloved 1989 Gl Caravelle Syncro camper. I have been the second owner since 1996. It has had a full camping conversion including pop top since new, and had an engine swap to a 2 litre 1994 petrol Golf motor in 2003.

It hasn’t done many k’s in the last 5 years since I moved onto 800 acres 2 hours from Brisbane. It’s registered in Queensland til December 2022 and is still in great mechanical order.

It’s got three dings from backing and hitting trees at low speed at various times. A quote for fixing the dings is something less than $2000, $500 and $500 for the three dings. My question to the group is: should I go ahead with the repairs or just put it on the market as is?

Lot’s of other info on request.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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Hello Doone, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear you are selling the Syncro,
Not that I really know, but having sold a couple of old VW’s recently, I certainly found people prefer something they can hop in and drive away. Given the market seems good to sell currently, fixing might be the go.

There will be people interested in a van as is (see post of the Doka at auction!!), but they will be haggling on price.

I hope you are well, and glad to hear you are still out on your property!!
All the best with the sale


Thanks for your advice Richard. It is already in a state of “hop in and drive away”. It’s just that the dings don’t look good.

Hi Doone,
Is your beloved Syncro still available or long gone?
If still for sale do you have any image you can share?