sale of Roger's T3 Syncro Campervan. SOLD

Dear Volks,

This is a quick posting to say I have sold my Syncro to an enthusiast from Newcastle who flew down on Thursday and we sealed the deal. It goes to join 3 2WD T3's apparently.  I've pointed him to the joys of joining our register  and he says he will probably stay down for the DOTVW but has to be back in Newcastle Monday morning.
As a result of this and a number of other things that took place Friday I did not leave for the bike ride as intended but will be back down there after the DOTVW on Sunday.
I was pleasantly surprised by the level of interest in my Syncro having received calls from interstate and an email from Switzerland asking if I would hold it until next year when he is coming over.
Sorry to those that missed out but a grateful thank you to those that helped in its promotion.

I'm just going off to console myself by playing The David Kramer farewell T3 song again.