So you want a subasyncro ... really?


Thinking WBX 2.1 are looking pretty damn good right now!

Thanks. Good info to know.

Trying to talk yourself out of a conversion Ken?

All engines have their common failure points - the MV engine is definitely not immune from that.

Maintenance of an engine and regular checks will keep most engines doing as they were intended.

I hope he doesn’t use that toothbrush for his teeth :weary:

No Scott, not at all. No need for that … at all., thank you.
Just offering some clarity to others on choices, as they say, forwarned is forearmed.

Got to admit though eh, Subi sure is WAY more complicated than the WBX.
And that pesky rubber timing belt it’s got, missing from WBX. Aren’t I lucky.
Understand a huge design difference between the two, WBX offers torque, Subie offers high revs, and power.
Booked in yet for next gearbox rebuild with Rudi?
Pretty sure he relishes the repeat business. HA!

Cool video Ken!
5 main bearings, counterweighted crank, 4 valves per cylinder, there really is no comparison!

I still wonder why Subaru have persevered with a flat 4 though, there is a reason no one else uses that design any more.

Everyone will always have their opinions, but it’s always nice to see another T3 on the road!!

Thankfully I have found a lot of use for long rubber things…

The scooby motor is so far advanced from the MV VW donk its in another league - I love it!

I do enjoy my MV powered 2wd auto van too…although I am always concerned it will detonate at any time.

Thankfully Rudi did such a great job of my gearbox it is still working perfectly and doesn’t drip a drop of oil!

Go Rudi - his work is awesome.

Not sure I would put much confidence in this video of some back yard mechanic tearing down an obviously abused EJ251. Not sure of the logic of his “gravity” explanation for certain problems, pure nonsense. Yes the EJ251 and EJ25D had head gasket issues but if you looked after them and do the head gaskets they are fine. But the EJ25 is not the only subaru engine, the EJ22 is a solid unit along with the later EJ201/203. They are smaller engines but have ample power for a syncro.

defender 110 ev conversion - YouTube
That is some battery pack!

See what is in the back ground!! I wonder if they would run two motors, one on each diff

The first part of this video tells all about it (so far)

Clearly it’s a shame you didn’t take a moment to review this video producer before posting here, so misleading the membership given his credentials, credibility, purpose, support, etc.

79,000,000+ views of his videos.
351,000 subscribers.
Try understanding his raison d’être. Read his ABOUT in the drop down menu.

Also, amongst other links:

Not too shabby for your dismissive “some back yard mechanic” eh.

The EV thing is big at the moment and has potential. Is it the future? I guess we will see.

I myself have started looking into doing an electrical engineering degree.

The limit right now is still battery technology and infrastructure.

Simply replacing the vw donk with an electric motor and batteries only yields about 150km of range at the moment, less in cold climate.
Plan B - leave the vw lump, take out the tailshaft and bolt a motor to the front axle only. Go westy are trialing this and comes with many advances over electric only, except …weight. Without upping the GVM we are in trouble here.

Either battery capacity has to go up sharply or they need to get a lot lighter is my view.

My thoughts for our busses would be - A small super efficient combustion motor in the back and a small electric motor up front. Minimal battery storage and the whole roof covered as solar. The cost would be Huge and you would probably still be limited to 400km at best in a day.

The reason beetles and such lend themselves to EV conversions are 2 fold. Weight and they are fair weather only cars. Nobody cares if they don’t have heating or range, it’s a toy for 95% of people.
I was reading a study on the theoretically electofing a truck. With current battery tech the thing would wiegh an extra 6-8tons!

The VTEC motors are rather efficient and hondas are cheap and bomb proof. Anybody want to give that a go?

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What about the Tesla technology with a small electric motor per wheel.

Gives awesome torque and traction and would do away with the VW drive-train all together allowing space for the battery pack and maybe a small onboard diesel powered generator.

Andy (Phil’s mechanic) has done a similar thing in a bay window but just 2 electric motors - he even installed a fully under-dash mounted effective air-conditioning system which has no engine power sucking compressor or pipes and works well he said - just expensive.

All this stuff will get cheaper in the future and then I might do an electric swap for my EJ25 Subie.

Never go back to the dinosaur VW type 1 based donk that our vans came with originally.

Well I’ve gone the EJ25 route and I love it. Night and day better than the old MV anyway. Torque is way up there and drive ability is so much better.
Originally fitted with a pod air filter, I upgraded to the VanCafé proper box and connected to oem snorkle, and it runs even better, esp. at low revs. Keeps all that red dust out too…
I think the flat 4 is a great configuration. Subi may be one of the last few using it, but the popularity of their range here in Oz defo shows how good it is.
I’d love to go EV in the future, and the 1 motor per wheel option sounds best to me. But yea, need better lighter batteries and the whole bodywork as a sun panel. We can dream!

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