Source of Brake parts

Can anyone let me know where I can access brake parts.
Specifically front pads, red shoes, front discs and other bits that might be necessary. I have the 14inch model synchro.
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
'89 Synchro

Should be REAR SHOES. Not fussed about colour!

Hi Peter. I use Tooleys in Sydney for anything that I need, provided they stock it. It’s always good quality stuff.
Peter from Port

I’m in Adelaide but I could call them and ask.
Thanks for responding Peter

Do you have to be a business to buy from Tooleys?
I tried to make an enquiry online but when I didn’t fill in the business name part it would not send as it is a required field.

No Peter.

Tooleys sells to anyone.

I find them great as well.

Just Kampers have some good stuff too yet they only seem to have the 2wd version yet that matches the syncro too according to the Mick Motors site:

VW Heritage will also have some - all ship anywhere around Australia so you should have no issue getting them.

I have 2 new discs for sale. $100


I’m interested.
Can you email me to make arrangements.
'89 syncro

email sent. email sent

Thanks to Phill, I have two new disc rotors and also a set of pads from Repco.
Now looking for brake shoes and am getting slightly different part numbers depending on which supplier. Don’t have access to ETKA. Can anyone provide me with a part number for a set of rear brake shoes for a '9 Syncro?
Also a source preferably within Australia. Both Tooleys and Mick Motors are out of stock and Repco don’t stock them. Appreciate any help.
'89 Syncro

I forgot… Also looking for a Bentleys.

Should be '89 Syncro

I think I have a Bentley for sale.

For rear shoes you just take it to a reputable brake place and they replace the linings. Pads should be easy to get. There are dozens of manufacturers.

Thanks Peter from Port
Useful info

'89 Syncro

Thanks Scott for taking the time.
Depending on how many brake parts I need, I might go with Heritage.
Much appreciated
'89 Syncro

Very good condition. $120

Will also include CD with ETKA pdf and VW manuals.


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Hi Phil, if Peter does not take this, I would like to buy it. Mine unfortunately did not survive the flood…:sleepy: Hartmut

O.K. Thanks Phill.
I’ve got your details and you have my address.
I’ll transfer the money.

Hi all,
Just jumping on this topic.
Would have anyone have an old set of original (ATE) rear wheel brake cylinders?

I’m in the process of have my old mater cylinder etc re-built (stainless steel sleeved and re-sealed). I know it costs more, but I prefer to re-build the originals than buy after market new ones.
I do not have a spare set of original wheel cylinders though.

Out of interest, the place I have used for years (here in Brisbane) looks like they will be closing soon, so trying to get all my spares re-built while they are still operating.

I replaced all the brakes/clutch parts a few years ago, but noticed one of my rear wheel cylinders are weeping a bit, so time to check the system over again.


Hi Richard… I have found a rear brake cylinder. Its never been used. Let me know if you are interested and I will send it to you. Hart.

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