Standard Vehicle Height and Changing Shocks and Springs?

Hello folks, Okay so I’d like to know what is the standard vehicle clearance for a 1989 T3 Syncro with 14 inch wheels? I’m replacing shocks so will probably need actual part numbers or model numbers for those and if I am to get longer springs to get a 40mm lift the info on those too please. Again, part or model number please. I’ve tried the different web pages and most suppliers don’t list for the T3 Syncro. My syncro seems quite high but I do not believe there are longer springs on there just that these beauties are quite tall anyway. Thanks for any assistance and I’m in Perth so local suppliers would be best.

here’s one link with dimensions, but there are more about

I have no experience with these, but a few links for you

I know the Samba has a lot of info to search through also

Cheers Richard. The first link worked for dimensions. It looks like my Syncro is standard because I’ve got 200m clearance at the lowest point. So I guess I can look at longer springs to get that 40mm of lift. Now I just need to find the right shocks and springs here if I can.

A slight lift and bigger 15 or 16 inch wheels will greatly increase your clearance.

Its quite difficult to get 14" tyres these days as they seem to be being phased out by many manufacturers. You are definitely limited for choice.

I may look at bigger tyres a little later but right now mine are in good condition and then I’ll probably have to change gearing to allow for the larger tyres and I’m in no rush to do that. Really, the Syncro is so capable off road as is but I’d just like to get that little bit of a lift and I do need new shocks anyway. Plus my 14 inch wheels look pretty sweet with the chrome VW hubcaps and the alloys don’t take a hubcap.