Sticky throttle - new cable

Hey gang

My throttle is getting very sticky, looks like it’s time for a new cable.
I’m a bit lost as to which cable I need. I have a Subaru EJ20 in my (manual 1991) van, does this change the type/ length of cable required?

If anyone can point me to a site I can order the right cable from without paying insane shipping it’d be much appreciated. Any tips for the replacement process would be most welcome too.


Hi Dylan,

I have an EJ25 subie in my syncro and I got an accelerator cable from Smallcar in the USA with my kit. Its a stock VW T3 diesel cable and is quite long so it bends around and hooks up basically the same as in the stock Subaru engine bay and has worked great for me.

See photo below:

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Thanks Scott, very tidy in there! This look about right?

Yes, that’s what I bought.

Very easy to replace the original with this one.

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