Sydney VW Nationals - Anyone Interested?

Hi Folks,

The normally annual VW Nationals in Sydney is making an attempt to be on again this year at its usual time in late May.

I’m very keen after a year of nothing on.


I am dead keen Scott providing nothing else gets in the way.
Peter from Port

Great stuff Peter.

I have missed this show so attending it is very high on my list of things to do.

Covid is always a potential event killer so its a matter of waiting and seeing what happens between now and then…

Have marked it on the calendar in red texta.

So far it seems like a normal VW Nationals event with no restrictions on numbers as far as I can see.

Probably because its an inside/ outside event.

I hope the covid QR code doesn’t slow the entrance up any more than usual.


It shouldn’t be a problem as I find logging in with a QR code very quick. They should have signs up at different heights that you can scan as you drive in to save time.
Hope they don’t do temperature checks as they are slow too.

It shouldn’t be a problem as I find logging in with a QR code very quick. They should have signs up at different heights that you can scan as you drive in to save time.

Are you dreaming? This is Club Vee Dub Sydney

True, but they are quick and easy if the QR codes are well displayed.

Even Club VW Sydney could do that couldn’t they?

I am guessing they will have one qr code and the person that takes your money will have it. Then they will put it down so they can give you change. It’s the most disorganized entry to a car show that I have ever been to and they don’t want to improve it.

The last time I went 2019 I think - they had a few people (3) organising the cars around the gate entry with a couple of ladies taking the money. It was a little bit quicker than previous years.

Who knows - this year they may get more volunteers there helping…

They have enough people it’s just disorganized. Why not have sign saying how much the entrance fee is? Have 2 lanes with one for swap meet and one for show cars.With instructions.

We love dogs, but … please leave them at home during our nationals show and shine event! *** service dogs acceptable ***


Another new thing.

That means poor Maxi cant come :roll_eyes: :frowning:

Unfortunate but you’d be p*ssed off if you turned up not knowing.

That’s why I posted it here. I’m not anti dog. (Especially your chilled out Max)

It’s strange there is nothing on the Club Vee Dub website about this. Only the facebook page.

I wasnt having a go at you Phill - I know this is none of your doing - just venting at the silly restriction.

Most people love Maxi being there as well as quite a few other dogs.

We all miss out this year.

Maybe they will come to their senses next year…

I go to a lot of car shows and swap meets. The dog ban is common at showgrounds where there are horse events.

This is on this weekend.

I still dont have my rego papers back from my car club for the rego so my syncro may not attend but at least my 2wd will.

Probably a cold start and warm sunny day predicted so far.

Should be fun if Covid doesn’t get in the way.

Was planning to come down but had to have a fairly urgent prostatectomy last Friday. Can’t drive at present and still in recovery mode. Shame to miss catching up with like minded VW folk. Hope it goes well and there are plenty of T3s there. Lets hope the event at Macksville goes ahead n July without a COVID interruption.
Cheers, Peter

Oh no. I hope it all goes well for you Pete and you have a quick recovery.