Syncro 14" Wheels

I have a set of 5 original Syncro 14" wheels. ET30. One has a spare tyre on it. Would like to give them away if anyone is interested. Posting here before going on the wider T3 facebook page.

Peter from Port

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Hi Peter, I’m interested in the rims if no one else takes them.
I don’t have plans to head down your way soon though. How soon do you need them gone?

Hi Richard. I only just saw your message. For some reason I am not getting emails from posts. Will check with Scott. A guy from Canberra wants them. We had made an arrangement for him to get them in mid June. If it falls through I will be in touch.
Cheers, Peter

Thanks for the heads up Peter.
I will have a look at why the emails aren’t going out.

Thanks Peter, all good if some one else wants them :slight_smile: