Syncro and Trailer

Hi All,
I have a box trailer with a lockable weathertight lid and find it a breeze to tow behind the Syncro. The trailer has a 7 leaf HD underslung axle and draw bar and goes everywhere the Syncro will take it. Only problem other than finding your beer bottles brocken in it after 4WD is that it puts a lot of pressure on the brakes at times under load. Otherwise the poptop Trakka T3 is set to sleep up to 4 people with all the camping gear and travelling extras eg: gazebo, kayak, foldout table chairs, etc. going in the trailer freeing up the space in the camper. I feel the key is developing a system that suits your personal needs and demands for travel. Ive added a photo of the trailer, note how even the drawbar is to the towbar
Happy Travels