Syncro Caravelle

Hi all i know of a syncro caravelle 7seater PUCH edition that will be
for sale soon. It is in average condition, no major rust issues minor
rust"minor" in panel seams probably not worth mentioning it's that
The usual stuff 89 model, air con, power steer, 4G box with rear
difflock, some body issues like a ding in front passenger pillar(easy
pop out) roof is in need of a respray bad delamination of clear coat
minor surface rust because of this. Otherwise body is straight.
Overall interior is in need of love but it is saveable maybe the best
part of two days to clean up right.
Motor was rebuilt by Muller&Muller about mid 200 thou, it is now
registering 400+ Thou K's, sounds nice no rattles or noises.

The owner is looking to sell soon and i am wondering of prices for
this version? I can possibly get pics in the coming week if needed but
description is straight up and as it is,because it is not myn.