Syncro competent mechanic required

Happy New Year to all! I hope that 2021 will be a good one for you and your beloved Syncro keeps purring along…

I have not been reading or contributing for some time. Have been preoccupied with knee surgeries etc.

I live in Adelaide and discovered recently that the mechanic I used to take my 1989 Synchro to for service and repairs has gone and the people who bought the business

“don’t do water cooled”.

So, I am asking if anyone knows of a Syncro knowledgeable mechanic in Adelaide, nearby or even not so nearby?

Fortunately, the vehicle is running perfectly and I haven’t had problems for years. I do my own basic service but I need someone to install the stainless steel pipes, new brakes etc.

All the best

Peter L

'89 Syncro

Try Volksdoktor He may or may not want to work on it but if he does he will do a perfect job.

Thanks Phill, I will