After the respray I lost the SYNCRO graphic (not before taking a photo).
Has any one bothered to get a decal made?
I have received quotes from a business that can make them. Way cheaper if you get 10, or a 100!
Attached is an attempt at a new decal.
The background colour (green in this match my new paint) could be clear or white.
2 size choices - for the front, for the door.

Any thoughts?

Pk. These stickers are available from "van cafe" in black or silver for $9.95 us. They also have the 4wd stickers for the doors and back gate. I got a set a few years ago and they were here in a week and i live in country nsw. Some spraypainters have decal men visit who can copy just about anything if you havn't destroyed the oroginal. Easier to order from vancafe. Bill