Syncro For Sale

Syncro camper for sale on Bribie Island


I'm still looking for a Syncro Transporter for sale.

Does anyone know of this vehicle or had a look at it?

Item number: 110174759224

I have asked the seller if I was to be sucessfull in the auction, would
he deliver it to the docks in Sydney as he has 'pick up' only, but have
not heard back yet.

Or any others for sale?

T2 Westfalia RHD
T25 Westfalia LHD

Posted on behalf of Everard Hoffman, who is having a posting problem at the moment:-

Hi Guys,
It is with regret i wish to notify anyone of you who maybe interested in purchasing my Syncro.I say With Regret because i certainly would love to hang onto it,however since my Wife cannot drive a Manual,i have decided to sell the Syncro and seek an alternative vehicle for our intended travels.If anyone is interested then they can give me a buzz on 0412080676 to discuss further.
The Vehicle was built in Nov,91 and first registered in February,1992.It was converted by Trakka in April 1992 with the Gold Package Conversion.I purchased it in 2008 from the original elderly owner with the odometer reading 168000 now reads 175717 kms as at this point in time.(8-11-10)It is a 1992 GL Model with Front & Rear Diff Locks and all the other standard GL Features,which includes Power Steering,A/C,Electric Mirrors,Velour Seating,etc,etc,etc.The list is too big to mention here,so if anyone is interested give me a call and i will answer any questions you need answered.The price i am looking at is $25K.