syncro holiday swap, syncro hire and syncro globetrotters webpages

Hi all,


First of all, sorry for the cross posts.

A couple of weeks I added a globetrotters page to my website, anyone who plans a big trip with the Syncro and is interested in other Syncrodrivers to join them with their Syncro can put an advertising on that page.


Today I added a new page, the holiday Syncro swap page. This is meant for people who own a Syncro camper, let’s say in the US and that want to travel in a Syncro in Australia . On this page you could get in contact with Australians wanting to visit the us in a camper. The idea is then just to swap the syncro’s to save in shipping costs. Although this is a very nice idea I suppose I don’t have to tell you to take precautions against theft or damage when you want to do a swap like that.


Finally, also on the holiday swap page, people who own a T3 Syncro hiring company (with or without driver) can also put an advertising. That’s another nice way of visiting other countries in a Syncro ! The first company I put on this page is syncrohospital in South Africa who organises trips with driver in Southern Africa .


Well, if you have Syncro travel ideas, plans or if you hire T3 syncro’s just let me know and I will advertise it on these pages J !


Mike Plompen