Syncro meet up SE Queensland

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone would like to catch up. Open to dates, but late October if that works in for those interested.
No fixed plans, it could be a day trip or can camp for a night or two if everyone is keen.
Let me know if your interested, and if so dates that would suit.


If we could we would.
But we can’t, so we won’t.

Does sound good.

But your nutty pollies dont appear to ever want to open the borders so you will have to rule out all NSW people south of Ballina.

Lots of fun places to go in this weather too.

We might have to do a NSW version as we are not welcome in many states.

Finding spare time this side of Christmas is also a problem.

Maybe some time in 21 :smiley:

Nutty pollies, surely not… Hopefully the end of the month see some changes! (election time)
Yes finding time gets hard this time of year, but hopefully a few can make it out!

Interested away until Monday can travel as in the bubble.

HI Richard
Coming late to the conversation (too much garden work ,U3A, Men’s shed and old age). What about the on the Condamine River, on the way to (Killarney?). 12 River crossings should be fun. The water should be low this time of the year.
Cheers Theo

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Hi Theo,
I just looked at that on the net.
Looks like a fun trip…maybe next time for us when we’re allowed.

That may have been the trip we had planned at the end of the syncro adventure around March last year.

Then bush fires and Covid all got in the way. :frowning_face:

Sounds good Theo, yes it would be a nice day out with a stop at Moogerah dam on they way back.
What week ends do you have free? Colin, are you still about, and a good time for you?
With no rain about, probably only enough water to get the tires wet :slight_smile:

Scott, yes that’s the same trip that never went ahead.

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Hi All,
Im new to the group and new to to the WBX life. Im in the scenic rim kooralbyn. There are some really cool drives around here, I like to get off the bitumen whenever i can, Im not keen on trashing my van on hard trails but keen for a meet and greet sometime. Just trying to sort my drive shaft out,in progress. Mt barney upper portals has a good track heading up to the start of the walk, Would be slightly challenging in a syncro but nothing crazy. Also has a campsite at the bottom if anyone fancy’s a night away.

Hi Joe, welcome to the group.
Tell us more about you…and of course, you’re Syncro.

Oooops…snould be “your” Syncro.

Welcome to the group Joe. I’ll do a ring around and see if we can pick a week end for a drive.
I’m sure the Syncro will be a lot of fun for you!

Welcome Joe,

We are all slowly coming out of this pandemic shut down thing so there will hopefully be more adventures next year but I don’t think the trails planned by Richard are that tough - just a few shallow water crossings which are great for photo opportunities.

As Gerry said - show us the syncro and introduce yourself.



Ok, First time on a forum. Im 34. Motorcycle mechanic by trade, Always had aircooled vw’s , Was looking at buying an early bay window but people want stupid money for them and they are all full of rust. I came across this T3, I always likes the 80’s vw’s… Used to get driven to school in a scirocco reminds me of the T3 dash and style. Im planning on hitting the road in a few years and travel Aus, I like getting down national park roads and through the syncro would be the tool for the job… This one came along very tidy in my opinion, Grandpa spec hasn’t been jacked up or messed around with, Camper setup is amazing, lots of storage, Has receipts for an engine rebuild recently due to corroded head studs. paid 27500 for it about 3 months ago. Since owning ive had the original exhaust welded and ceramic coated, fitted a hi torque starter motor and now just waiting for more things to fail. I fitted a wide band 02 gauge and it sits between 14.7-15.3 on the hwy and under load,Apparently these do run on the lean side so im happy the engine is running well. First startup its sitting at 12.8afr auto choke you can smell its slightly richer. I like to see real time data so more gauges are in order. The drive shaft is currently out and im saving for one from uwe, apparently they are the best option. Live in the scenic rim, lots to explore close to home.

Nice pictures Joe, looks like you’ve been busy underneath, it looks so clean.

Cheers Uwe

Cheers, It is very clean under side, Hardly any surface rust, I had it professionally rust proofed underneath and inside the panels. Slowly working to make it smicko again, Keeping it as stock as possible hopefully will hold its value more.

Great looking bus you have (and love the type 3!!). The Telecom (telstra) vans are nice being the last of the models built and come with power steering, AC and strengthened chassis.
Looks like your missing one of the engine shields (next to the right hand head)
Make sure you have a good look at the cooling pipes/hoses. If their original they are getting old now.
With the EFI, this is a great kit

I recently bought one, but have yet to connect it to an ECU.
If your drive shaft (prop shaft) and viscous coupling are all good, it’s worth looking into a decoupler also.

Hi Richard, Cheers for the input… When i moved to kooralbyn i stopped driving the notchback because the roads are terrible, Its got a deep sump and slammed, Not the best combo but we live and learn, Its just been unregistered was thinking of turning it into a track car. Would you have a picture of the engine shields that’s missing?..Im not familiar with these at all…The coolant pipes seem ok, The radiator was replaced with the engine rebuild, A few of the hoses that were leaking were just loose clamps, Im into preventative maintenance but at what point do i stop?..What should i look for with the long pipes that go up the chassis?. Do they crack or what?. Im into real time data, That shoebox thing looks good, Will look into getting one i could wire into the ECU… I read up on the VC but didn’t think this had one?..Do all syncros have a VC?..

Yes all Syncro’s have a VC in the front diff, you can put in a solid shaft for serious off road/beach but a decoupler is denifitely needed then. The CV acts like a centre diff in common 4WD’s