Syncro plumbing

Hi guys,
What are the differences in cooling system plumbing between Syncro and 2wd versions.


The system is basically the same concept but everything is basically different.

The main coolant pipes front to back are different due to the fuel tank locations of the different vehicles (2wd front tank - 4wd rear tank). Then the coolant distribution tower and cross-over pipes are syncro only but similar to the 1.9 2wd. The thermostat is apparently different but GoWesty makes a thermostat that suits both syncro and 2wds.

The syncros really do have a lot of exclusive parts…

Aluminium thermostat housing rather than plastic.
Thicker radiator? Or was that a regional (Australia) difference rather than Syncro only?


I assumed the thicker radiator was provided to Australia, South Africa and parts of the USA due to our known higher temperatures.

The way the coolant pipes run over the top of the gearbox is different to the 2wd and how they run around the syncro fuel tank is also different to the 2wd. Otherwise the system is very similar.

Happy new year by the way.



I think VW called it the “tropical climate” radiator.
The fan could also be different, I have tried to source a complete fan assembly and fan housing locally second hand (including one from a van with factory air) and none match the fan in mine.
They are available new, but I have not bought one yet.

Hi Richard,

Yes that would be the one.

I think I have a spare syncro specific fan but the housing or shroud has fatigued and is useless.

If you need the fan - let me know.


Thanks Scott, I don’t need a fan currently, but as mine has had AC since new it would have spent a lot of time running over the last 30 years!
Always on the hunt for spares :slight_smile:

Only reason I have one was I bought a pile of spares a while back as a job lot and scored a few more recently.

You never know when you might need them :slight_smile: