Syncro Prospecting...


A bit off topic but here goes!

Seems a VW Syncro would be the ideal prospecting vehicle... 

I'm soon to get hold of a cheapish Metal Detector, so first up I might hit some of the local beaches in SE Queensland.  

The romantic vision of a 4WD Syncro trip - detector in hand - Frazer Island Perhaps, or a trip inland gold prospecting would also be fun...

Does anyone have any Stories of Prospecting in your Syncro or even Syncro prospecting?

Who doesn't love a story of finding hidden treasures; Syncro or otherwise!

Please share your story and resources you found helpful (If you wish) for finding precious metal, stones or coins or Syncro's for that matter..  

Feel free to include your Treasure Maps!~

: )


Rowan. On our annual trip to lightning ridge a German opal miner begs me to sell him my syncro. For the last 5 years he just waves me down when he sees me in town. The story goes his 2wd t3 with 600k on the clock was burnt out by vandals when left overnight on the side of the road after a minor breakdown. He tells me the 600k was done on rough dirt roads carting all sorts of mining machinery. This is one definite fan of a t3 for prospecting. Bill