Syncro search 2022

Hi I’m new to the forum, I’m looking for a Syncro to buy camper or not in good condition preferably a later model.


Welcome to the forum Andy.

Where’s about are you based? Buying a Syncro (or any car) interstate can be a bit of a PITA.

Cheers Arne

Thanks I’m an imposter at this stage but wanted to use all avenues to find a Van and be well informed. I’m in Bathurst so not likely to find one any closer than Sydney. Interested in a Syncro camper but keeping an open mind.

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Welcome Andy,

None have been listed on here recently - probably because the world has been in a holding pattern for the last 2 years due to Covid, yet there have been a few listed and sold on sales websites.

The one below looks well looked after and is a syncro camper but in Victoria (not sure if that is too far for you to purchase from).

See the link:

Worth a look and the price is what you should expect these days.



Here is another yet in Western Australia.

I think everyone is now allowed back in that country now.

A rear diff lock but a high top camper syncro

Thanks Scott, yep like the look of the one in Victoria but was hoping the entry price would be lower but I’m now realising anything cheap has rust which I’m trying to avoid. The distance is a problem but it’s almost unavoidable due to the lack of options, if I’d had the time I would’ve made the trip to look at the Victorian Van, not out of the question. I’m hoping to see if any members here have the itch to sell to see what’s out there. WA is a stretch too far I think but I do like the blue but not the high top, good price for a project. Are there many Syncros in Australia and what models were sold here?

I forgot to mention I need 4 legal seat belts?

Hello Andy,
If the Vic Syncro is a full Trakka it will have a compliance plate designating it as a legal 4 seater. However, the current or any previous owners may have removed the rear seat belts, if so, re-installing them should solve that problem.



Hi Andy,

There were not many sold in Australia as they were very expensive, yet thankfully, Testra brought in approximately 400 syncro panel vans which were all specc’d up with power steering and air conditioning - some have since had the A/C removed. Telstra vans never had any diff locks though.

I would guess around 2000 odd vans made it here from Germany via the various importers with only 2 16" special order models (1 dual cab and 1 camper trakka van) and one Tristar.

There are also a few here imported from South Africa.

Although Telstra destroyed a few of their vans and a few others have also been destroyed so the amount still out there on the road is difficult to say.

The WA van would make an excellent cross country adventure - just saying!

However, I would go for the Trakka over the WA van any day. Its in way better condition.

Yep the vic Trakka seats 4 legally I’ve checked in already, it’s top of the pile at the moment. It’s just more than I expected but that’s the market value I’ve found.

Good info, vic Trakka is the pick, not keen on a high top, but the WA would be a great project can you replace high top with a pop top?

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Yes you definitely can replace a high top with a pop top.

Problem is finding a good healthy pop-top.

That blue syncro already has the cut-out so that takes half the work out.

Not sure if this works but one in Gladstone CQ for sale

Maybe not

Facebook marketplace.

Contacted Trakka about the pop top they’re not doing retro fit outs and I haven’t seen a replacement pop top on any vw sites plenty of other spares but no pop top.

Thanks Neil yep link works, looks ok I’m getting somewhere few more options. Joining this forum has been great. Anyone else thinking of selling let me know.

Interesting and sadly that the quite valuable, even essential features included in the WA blue syncro hightop are missing from the white TRAKKA i.e.,
Rear difflock
Power steering
Air conditioning
So begs the question, in a way, is the blue ex Telecom too cheap and the TRAKKA too dear?

The fixed hightop of the ex Telecom is a massive no no … no redeeming feature at all, not only aesthetically but also practically. The other onboard “features” are at best a DIY handymans nightmare, and showing a sad state of grubbiness.

So … but add the valuable features listed above into the TRAKKA … now your talking a desirable and functional go anywhere camper.

The TRAKKA looks quite good at first glance, though not perfect at the asking price i.e.,
Seam corrosion happening to the horizontal seam at rear bottom on passenger side. So happening to same seam on other side too … maybe?

Alarming corrosion happening above your head midway in sliding door opening. That’s not good. Maybe to do with the fastening of the awning into the fibreglass base of the pop top and/or the remaining portion of steel roof?

The roo bar looks weird … seems to be angled much more forward than the usual TRAKKA roo bar. If so … hate it.

You can see the busted CV rubber boot. How come that hasn’t been addressed?

The front springs. Top half can flex, bottom half has no flex. Does that combo provide a better ride? No idea here, mine still has stock standard springs. Some say a more rigid spring works better on a heavy van, in particular a camper.

The engine bay urgently needs some TLC, even more so when for sale.

What’s with the inside muddy colour of the coolant expansion tank?

Missing heat shield from bottom horizontal exhaust pipe.

Sadly no desirable instrument cluster with tacho and digital clock.

No vehicle protection … needs a hidden ignition cut out switch. Must have.

No swivel bases for front captains seats, perhaps optional?

What’s going on with the grubby pop top canvas? Seems housekeeping is evident to user portions … the rest … nah! Really?

But yeah, it has great potential, overall I do like it, but showing my bias, given my syncro also is a TRAKKA. :stuck_out_tongue: :innocent: :open_mouth: :upside_down_face: :grinning:

Hi Ken, thanks for your feedback, what’s your thoughts on price for the Vic Eltham Syncro obviously thinking 40k is too much. What about the Syncro from Gladstone in the facebook link above, interested in your thoughts on that one. I’m after a camper but definitely not ruling out a hardtop.

Really depends on present demand. Generally speaking, run up to summer holidays is highest demand, least is run up to winter. Except unless the van is exceptional and/or rare, like a TRAKKA Caravelle syncro is, so would be snapped up asap. Don’t hold your breath waiting for one of those!

Maybe best you first do some solid research, then after, detail what your requirements in a syncro camper really are, otherwise its pointless guessing price points on vans for sale that don’t suit your requirements. Also knowing as a guide, your price point.

If you are serious, expect to spend a year searching and waiting. You might get lucky earlier, maybe not.

What’s the exact link to the syncro on Facebook?

Hi Ken,

Exact link below, although I just clicked on the post above and it took me there ok.
I guess I’m a little impatient now I discovered the Syncro’s, I’m hoping to ply out some potential opportunities on the forum. I’m pretty sure I a camper is my best fit, but as I said on an earlier post keeping an open mind.

Yep just click on the blue text, Log in to Facebook