Syncros currently for sale

I’m continually amazed at the prices being asked for syncros but I guess we have to get used to it.

This trakka syncro looks very nice:

Yes Scott. Couple going for over $40,000 and one at $28,000.

They are getting up to what they were when first purchased.

I think my dad paid $36k for his 92 transporter window van syncro.

Nice TRAKKA syncro but:
Missing “syncro” sticker on front panel.
Ugly as sin roo bar. That’s not a genuine TRAKKA roo bar.
TRAKKA never fitted a gas frig, Dust collector that huge side vent.
Says it has a full width double bed, meaning some of the necessary cabinetry is missing, for example the double door wardrobe etc.
For interstate buyers, better hope the TRAKKA conversion VIN plate is in place.
Interior pics would be helpful.

Does have the genuine Steyer-Puch badge though on the offside panel … that’s nice!

Agree about TRAKKA conversion VIN plate - first item Vic Roads looked for in my TRAKKA when changing club plate rego to full rego was TRAKKA compliance VIN plate for registered 4 person seating.

I really cant stand the one or 2 photo adds.

You need to give the potential buyer a better idea of what is inside the vehicle as Ken says.

Maybe they dont really want to sell??

Interesting new listing, but again, no interior details or pics.
Is there a limit on number of pics in an add on Gumtree?

Bit of a stretch attempting a comparison of this vehicle with the famous genuine 16" syncro Trakka that crossed Australia way back then.

Even though its an ex-telstra it appears to have been totally rebuilt in a good way using Rudi to do the gearbox and possibly other essentials.

Its got all the fruit now…

Looks like it sold again. Interesting paintwork. They are on Instagram here.

Great stuff… It deserved to sell quickly at that price.

Its a really nice syncro!

Thanks for the Instagram link