Syncros on the move (2)

Nice three days at Myall lakes. Boomah Point. Its not what we normally do as we like national parks but it was an end of year camp with friends. Owned by NRMA so a slight discount. Great for fun on the water and there is a nice bike ride trail nearby. Requires a trip on the small ferry. Good part of the world. Towed my pod trailer and all went well for a change. No issues at all.
Loving the refurbished pop top and canvas but springs in the scissor lifts too weak. Have new springs but they require replacing dome rivets at one end. Beyond my toolkit!!!
Peter from Port Mac

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It’s almost like a holiday when things go well and there’s no issues.

Looks like loads of fun Peter.
Those trailers are great too.
Another mate with bay kombi uses one on all his trips and says they are fairly light weight (until the Mrs fills it up!).

With the pop-top rivets, could you replace them with stainless steel bolts and nylock nuts?

This is your spot I think - Very well vegetated!