T-Shirt and Stickers

T-Shirts and Stickers

The T-Shirts and stickers using the new forum logo are now available for order.

Setting up an online shop involves a little too much work for now but hopefully one day, in the meantime all the information to place an order is in here.

Thanks to Alex for initiating the printing and Leanne who will be creating and shipping the goods.

  • The primary reason for providing these via the forum is to allow a little bit of each sale to help fund the monthly ~US$20 running costs of the server service in a Sydney data centre.
    The service allows funds to accumulate so the more that is in there, the longer the service can run.

  • In addition to the T-Shirts and stickers, a donation to the “Keep the forum server running” fund is most welcome.

1. Keep the forum server running

Code Nickname Price
D1 Vanagon $10
D2 Bulli $15
D3 Kombi $20
D4 Syncro 14 $50
D5 Syncro 16 $100
D6 Your Choice $xxx

2. T-Shirts


  • Blue/Grey
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White


  • XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL


Logo Print Options Are :-

Code Logo Price
T1 Small logo on front $15
T2 Large logo on front $20
T3 Large logo on back $20
T4 Large logo on back with SMALL logo on front $25
T5 Large logo on back with YOUR NAME on front $25

Disclaimer: The T-Shirt price includes $5 for the forum running cost

3. Stickers


Code Size Price
S1 28cm (11") $7
S2 13cm (5.14") $5

Disclaimer: The Sticker price includes $2 for the forum running cost

Standard colour is white but other colours are available.

Click Colour Options to see the available options in the Metamark M7 range. Please ignore the costing as that is probably for roll purchases.

When ordering please give the colour name.

4. Postage

  • 1 x T-shirt $7

  • 2 to 3 x T-shirts $12

  • 4 to 8 x T-shirts $15

  • Just Stickers $3
    Note: If T-shirts and stickers, the sticker travel free

Postage is for Australia only, if its going somewhere else a quote can be provided.

5. Ordering

DON’T REPLY HERE IN PUBLIC VIEW as you don’t want to post your address etc.

Instead please Private Message me or email me at support@syncro.com.au with the order details which must contain the postal address as this will be used send the goods and how many of what you are ordering. I can then provide an invoice with the account details for payment, once the payment is made the order will be processed.

To Private Message click on my Avatar / Icon and choose the Message button

Please use your name or forum id as the reference

Use the codes next to the items and provide count, colour, size, etc

ie. code x count, colour, size

Sample Order

Fred Flinstone
19 Rubble Way
Rocktown VIC 3999

T1 x 1, Blue, XL
T4 x 3, Grey, XL
S2 x 1, Fluoro Red
D6, $30


Here just for the tshirt images, please scroll to the top of the first message.

Are you considering a Tee shirt with your logo of the diagram showing the Syncro’s three green indicators of the diff lock drive system?
Syncro Diff lock console


I wasn’t, that avatar just came from the internet somewhere, but if there’s a demand …

Loving this and hence I will be purchasing a shirt and sticker ASAP :slight_smile:

A number of T-Shirt and sticker orders have gone out and should have been received by those members.

:wave: Any chance of posting some feedback here about the quality or fit etc.

Maybe even a modeling photo :tshirt:

Love the t- shirt - fits great.

Have to get a photo of the sticker on the back window of my syncro too.

You can almost see it on the back of my blue syncro in this photo:

I also received mine. Seems very good quality for that price.
All what I need is a Syncro get-together to show off. :wink:


Thinking your QLD Premier would caste a pretty dim view of your outlandish suggestion for at least 2020.

I would love another T shirt in blue medium if there are any still available…

Please advise costs and postage if available.




Hi Scott

I haven’t got any more done since the first round, its all custom order anyway. I’ll check in again and get the costs.

Cheers, Uwe

Thanks Uwe.

I wear mine too much :wink:

Hi Scott

Only a slight increase, I’ve updated the prices at the top of the thread.

So T-Shirt T4 Blue medium with postage is $32

After the transfer is made, I’ll get it sent to the same address as last time

Cheers Uwe

No worries.

Thanks Uwe.

I might even get another one.

Hi Uwe,

How much for 2 T-shirts - same size.

One blue, one grey?

Including postage.

Thanks again.



That’s 2 shirts for $50 plus $12 postage = $62

Thanks Uwe.

I will put the money in your account.



All paid.

Thanks again.



All good Scott, the order is in.