T3 1992 Engine parts for sale

Hi all,
I have now listed most of the engine parts I am selling on eBay, please see the links below and let me know if interested in any - happy to haggle prices with fellow Syncronauts :slight_smile:
All taken from my '92 2.1L petrol motor with 220,000kms on the clock, which I replaced with an EJ25. All worked great and had just been rebuilt, but had a crack in LH case which seeped coolant.

Cylinders and pistons
Crankshaft assembly
Oil breather tower
Oil pressure switches (4)
Metal water pipe
Water pump w pulley
Oil pump
Crankshaft pulley
Distributor w new hall sensor
Coolant expansion tank
Air filter box
Spare belts
Clutch complete
Coolant misc
Complete EFI system
Spare HT leads set
Power steering pump
Alternator brackets
New radiator hose
Starter motor reconditioned 2020
Oil dipstick assembly
Metal coolant pipes assortment
Air conditioning compressor
Oil filler tube
Coolant manifold alloy
Complete thermostat assembly
Original Bosch coil