TDi Air Intake...

hey guys, since someone requested to be updated on the progress of my
TDi conversion, here some minor details: I was looking for a good Air
Intake for my TDi conversion, which would face to the rear to ease the
connection to the intercooler and save me from building stupid 270°-
turnarounds with expensive SAMCO silicone hoses. So I found the Audi
80 B4 also had the 90hp TDi (1Z) and late AAZ engines with EGR also
seem to have been equipped with that nice air intake. Unfortunately it
is not quite 90° angled but something close and the diameter is not 2"
as one would hope, but some 5mm smaller. I fixed that by marrying the
front of an standard Golf III intake (engine 1Z) with the mentioned
Audi intake. At the same time I straightened it out. Now I have a nice
2" connection and it's straight :) The EGR pipe doesn't need to be
changed, it should fit perfectly on all 1Z/AHU/ALE and even AFN/AVG
engines. So if you're planning to convert... look for older Audi...
early 90hp TDi (1Z) or late 75hp AAZ (not all AAZ came with EGR!) :)
Don't have a picture of the assembled unit, yet, sorry.