Thanks for the info

Cheers guys, glad I found this forum. Looks like I'm going to learn alot about transmission in
the not so distant future!
I've just got two new tyres on the back to match the two new that where on the front when
I picked it up. Also have the Bentley vanagon book on it's way. As well as all the print outs on
VC's that my girlfriend just shakes her head at in disbelief. She's never known me with
homework to do!
I'll do the VC test ASAP. But I've driven it for half hour or so at 60km then done some tight
turns in carpark. I did notice some scuffing but nothing that felt like strain on the system. I
am running some pretty big tyres too. It's raining today so think I'll go find some mud and
see what happens.

Can anyone suggest a VW breakers around the Sydney area? Looking into replacing driver
and passenger seats.