The Day of the Volkswagen

Yesterday, the Day of the Volkswagen was held at the Yarra Valley
Racecourse and was very well attended. There is not a lot of area
for the show vehicles and it was packed to the gunwales well before
lunch. The outside carpark was very full indeed. We were given a
display spot in the show area despite the fact that we had not
nominated for the show category, thanks to Bernie Wax of the VW Club
of Victoria. We managed 5 Syncros. Mark Boys brought his rare 16"
double cab, Bernie Wax had his ex-Telecom van, Theo (new) brought
his Transporter and I had my Trakka camper.

From Perth, we had Andy and Melissa with their much modified ex-
Telecom van. They are touring all of Australia, complete with an
additional 90 litres of fuel in a belly tank, two spare wheels on
pivoting racks and two mountain bikes. They need a gearbox rebuild
before they go any further so will be with us for a while yet. They
are staying with Melissa's family in Keilor.

Brian Reed got half way there before losing all of his coolant, so
his ex-Telecom van got flat topped back home and he set out again in
his 924.

Werner and Alice were there and I now can't remember why they didn't
have their Transporter but they will join the website (at last!) and
tell us.

Theo is a new addition, who will also join the website. Sorry,
Theo, but I missed getting your lady's name.

We had the usual constant stream of people looking, with great
interest being shown in the various camping arrangements of each

Because of the rarity of Mark's 16" double cab, there was a constant
stream of people around and under it. I will take a big-wheeled
crawler with me next time to make it easier for all the underside

Is I came in, the VW Club secretary (Andrew Ermil, I think) pounced
on me and said that the club would very much like to get the Syncro
group involved in some of the Club's tours. They run tours to all
sorts of places, from weekends up to five days in length. This
sounds like a good idea and I will start posting the up-coming
events on our web site and see who is interested. (It crossed my
mind that they might like to have some sturdy recovery vehicles with

Two people approached us with Syncros for sale. The first was Peter
Jurd of Byron Bay, selling a double cab, and the second was Maryanne
McTurk, of Tasmania, selling a Transporter. I have asked them both
for pics, which I will post on the web site.