The Future of Our Syncro's

Just a note to thank those members who offerd advice regarding my open
question about the future of our syncro's. In particular Andy out west
and Joachim and Jasmin even further out west. Many thanks for your
musings and thoughts.

As Joachim pointed out,the manual states that
our syncros when driven hard do go through about 1 litre of oil per
1000klms, and that I presume is when the engine has just been run
in.I've known Honda Civics not to lose a drop of oil in 10,000klms.
Different engineering I suppose.

Anyway I've decided to drop the speed
10% on the highway,smell the roses and hang the expense of the oil and
fuel(higher fuel consumption lately) until (if indeed things do)get
decidedly worse.

It sure beats the expense of a new reconditioned or exchange motor.
What has emerged from the newsgroup that I find to be interesting is
the use of HP compression rings in reconditioning an engine to get
more "erbs man".What is the diference between an M.V and a D.J engine

Thanks all