The Nullabor.

For what it is worth, and admittedly I love driving but I do not
think the drive across the Nullabor is boring.

Even if you ignore all the things to see just off the highway (whale
watching near Nullabor, caves at many places including Cocklebiddy,
the Bunda cliffs near Eucla, the National Park east of Esperance to
name some) there is the natural scrub near Yalata, the Treeless Plain
just west of there, the 190 km straight road (somewhere!).

There is more to enjoy on the WA side too but it is 20 years since I
have done the trip so my mind is a little fuzzy. Sorry!

Best of all, you can drop in and see us in Ceduna!
Now if that doesn't make the trip worthwhile then I don't know what
would ;-)