The Tristar Lives

Hart’s legendary Tristar went under with the recent floods in Port Macquarie. Hart and Elke have were rescued by the SES early Saturday morning. They are safe and well. But they lost nearly everything. Only things we could save were their clothes, a couple of bed bases, TV and computer, pots and pans, crockery and cutlery. All the rest has been trashed including their VW Polo. The Tristar had a fair bit of water but luckily was up on stands at the rear as the gearbox was in the process of going back in after a repair job. Our German mechanic Dietrich worked hard this morning and after a bit of work got it going. We still have to check the front transaxle but its looking good.
We took out the seats and carpets to dry and we will pressure wash the carpets in the morning as the power might be restored. Been out since Saturday.
Hart and Elke are in good spirits all thing considered and are determined to rebuild.

Peter (Son in law)


However, since this time Peter has advised the engine is not healthy.

A rebuild on the cards - bloody muddy flood water!