Throttle body spring

My first post after joining this morning… My throttle gets stuck just above idle sometimes, blip the pedal and it’s fixed. What is the balljoint on the top for and could I just bung another spring on it?

Hi Peter,

That’s probably the idle/full throttle control switch on the throttle body that needs adjusting. Easy job to adjust, just need a long 3mm allen key.

Cheers Arne

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Thanks arne, when it is stuck I can just gently twist it in the engine bay and it drops to normal idle. Would that be the tps adjustment out?

How many I’d do you have got the on the clock Peter?
May also be some worn bushes in the TB.

Original engine that has been rebuilt, probably not ever had the tb rebuilt, 220000km. Runs perfectly apart from occasionally sticking throttle

Ok, could then be an issue with the TB itself. I would check the TB shaft for excessive play and if it’s catching somewhere.