Tire Reviews .. a great success and growing daily

Thanks to your interest in helping others by sharing your personal experiences with tires,
as of 12pm Friday, I received a total of "74 tire" options and/or tire reviews.
Just like the VW Shop Reviews .. It's important that we share the good and the bad.
The goal is that this information helps us all become informed consumers.
The breakdown by:
Brand / Size or Model
14" - 18 / 40
15" - 9 / 19
16" - 6 / 14
17" - 1 / 1
They have all been published and can be viewed here:

Please keep the tire reviews coming .. there are several tires we have identified, but do not have actual user reviews for.

Follow this link for a short form that will prompt you for all the needed info for your Tire Review.


Note ... if you submitted a tire review this weekend ... not to worry. I was off camping in the sky islands of Arizona and didn't have internet access.
I'll publish them this week.