Tony,s Syncro for Sale

Hi Guys,
I have been a member from the old days when Les was in charge but have been back in the UK for 8 years and have returned to sell up my house here in Denmark WA 6333 and my beloved Syncro which I have loved and cherished. The Syncro has a high top, is colour coded silver, has air con in cab and on the Roof ! It has both front and rear diff locks. The interior has a rock n roll bed/seat, gas hob, s/s sink and loads of storage. The sale will include Honda 2kw generator (hardly used) solar panel, professionally installed sound system inc drop down tv monitor. An awning is fitted, and a tent annexe with almost new inflatable queen size bed. I have attached photos inc a valuation in 2008 of $40,000. The vehicle will be available in April 2023 when I return to the UK, meanwhile will be my daily drive. Offers invited.



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Fantastic vehicle Tony.

Love it - shame you cant keep it…

Thanks Scott, its breaking my heart but I already have two other campers in the UK. Ive poured everything I got into this syncro and would love to keep it along with my Denmark home, but now Ive reached 74 years. I gotta settle down. If its not sold by late April when I fly back. my mate will continue to offer it for sale.

Hi Tony just sent you a message

Hi Tony,

Do you have any details on its maintenance such as engine / gearbox rebuilds or how many kms?

Should help the sale along.



Hello Tony,

Reading your menu of items regarding your beautifully presented Syncro (top class) I noticed you have radar detector listed - ouch!
I believe that this item is illegal in most States, if not all. Perhaps omit it from the list when sale time arrives?



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Cheers ! Thanks for the advice !

Hi Tony can you call me regards your van thanks Greg 0433

Hi @tonyricketts99 is this still for sale?

Hi yes its still for sale and as yet unviewed

Having completed my trip to Shark Bay I am now ready to offer my beloved Syncro for sale. It has been a labour of love creating this wonderful camper. Some features included are, colour coded silver, hightop. Air con in dash AND ROOF. Front AND rear diff locks, Honda 2litre genny, full
Awning with blow up queen bed. Rock n Roll bed inside, full kitchen. The list is endless. My mobile No is 04127 10556 I am in Denmark WA6333.

Hi Guys,
A reminder that my beloved Syncro is still for sale here in Denmark WA6333. I cant believe that such a high spec van has received no interest ? I fly back to the UK end of the month, so have reduced the asking price to $48,000. or sensible offer ! Look forward to your respose guys.
Tony Tel 04127 10556

Hi Tony,
Can you leave the van with anyone to sell it after you leave?
Then we can continue to promote it.
Seems nothing is selling at the moment due to cost of living and the high prices which seem to be part of the governments push for electric vehicles.

Hi Scott,
Yes I am selling my house here in Denmark, and the new owner is happy to allow me to store the van in a seperate shed. My mate Jonno lives nearby and will be pleased to show the van. thanks for your heads up.

Great stuff Tony.

It never seems to work out.

I remember when my brother left for his world tour - I was left with the job of selling his old plumbing van.

That was not much fun!

My mate Jonno is selling my Syncro in my absence. His mobile is 0480397399

Hi Tony.
Have you tried Gumtree or Carsales?
As there maybe people that aren’t familiar with this forum who would be interested in a retro VW campervan.
The good ones are highly sought after.
Good luck…

A friend in Brissy just sold his Telstra Syncro, subie conversion and his own camper conversion (still a tin top)
Took a few months to get the price he wanted but did sell.
So there are still people looking!

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I have noticed that vans are starting to sell lately.

There was definitely a pause for a few months but now these old VW vans are disappearing form the sale sites.