Trailer project

Trying the new extension

Hi Andy,

Looks great.

Nice and high and light weight

Do you sleep in it?

No Scott just getting gear out of turtle seems to work ok but power is the issue

When you say power is the issue.

Do you mean electrical power in the trailer or engine power in the syncro?

Engine power just a little so will require some thinking ,more bits and pieces to be added to the trailer equals more weight

Agree, these syncros in stock form aren’t the most powerful beasts.

The trailers create a significant drag but at least yours has similar dimensions to the syncro so it should follow well.

True Scott the question is rebuild 2.1 or go the dark side Subaru, with towing long distances in mind


Its a big dilemma.

A mate of mine just had that issue and was told by a mechanic that a top end rebuilding with new pistons, rings barrels, heads and gaskets etc would set him back just over $7k and he got a price for an EJ25 fully installed for $10k.

He is going for the scooby for the power, economy and ease of getting parts or whole replacement engines cheap in the future.

Where’s a good place to get an EJ25 replacement around Brisbane?


I hear AM Autos are the ones to go to in Qld.

I think Theo had his done there too.



Thank you Scott. I’ve had a second hand golf motor in my 89 Syncro since 2003. It’s not as good as it used to be.


Motors get old and tired just like us.

A good time to get it sorted this year for hopefully a restriction free next Summer…

“motors get old and tired just like us”

And there is a lot of dodgy information on the Internet of how to fix them :joy:

and generally its always a head problem in both cases