Trailers - who has them and what?

Hi folks,

Just wondering does anyone tow a trailer on their travels - more so long distance.

I have finally sorted out my 7 x 4 box trailer with new bearings and tyres/ alloys from an old Falcon.

Will be handy when the van is full of wife, kids, dog and everything that goes with us…

My Syncro is a Caravelle so when its time for camping this is what I came up with.

Still just a shell but soon to get a fit out.

Wow Uwe, that trailer is sensational.

What does the front look like?

Is it as heavy as the rest of a T3 without an engine?

Its just a straight cut for now, its getting a light weight nose cone that’s a bit more aero sitting between the winder and the body, it will slide out with shelving in it for the gas cooker etc. Add an awning and should be nice and cosy. The Aframe also folds up for convenient storage. My car was loaded on this trip but trailer tows easy and very stable.

It started life as an 82 aircooled and came to me in poor condition and also had an engine fire, now its reborn and has many more years of good times ahead. Now to build some art out of the nose cut.

Very nicely engineered Uwe.

I like the idea that you can swing up the A frame to make it shorter to park.

I got myself a stockman pod trailer. It’s brilliant.
Peter from Port

Nice Peter.

I know Mark from Avalon has the same trailer - he always camps a few sites away from me at Old Bar every year and I thoroughly checked his out a few years ago. Looks fairly light weight and well sealed.

how do you manage the towball weight Uwe?
I have looked at this type of project but the wheels are so fare back on a T3. They need to be a meter further forward!

I have an old Jayco Dove, but have not finished a resto on it yet.