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I have got down to the source of the starter solenoid not pulling in.
I removed the wire from the starter switch at the solenoid terminal 50 and applied 12 volts from a good battery via short leads.  The solenoid pulled in and the engine started immediately.  Prior to that, all I was getting was a mild 'clack' from the solenoid, which wasn't enough to energize it.
I had previously looked with grave suspicion at the wiring coming out of the ignition/starter switch.  Many wires have been cut and had other wires added in.  The splices are soldered but could well need re-soldering to ensure good continuity.  If any Trakka owner experiences problems, this will be a mandatory check.  These changes look to have been part of the original Trakka wiring which, in mine, leaves a bit to be desired.  Mine was the de luxe conversion, which included an alarm.
I don't want to get stuck again with a solenoid problem, so I am putting in a waterproof relay at the solenoid, using the existing 50 terminal wire as the signal line.
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Front and rear are the same.

> Les Harris <leslieharris@ optushome.> wrote:
> Phill,
> What I am looking for is the mechanism as shown in the attached diagram.
> I can find the front mechanism but not the rear. As a matter of
> interest, the only mention that I can find in Bentleys is 27.13a/b.
> Les