Trakka pop top roof rack

Hey folks

I have a trakka pop top and trying to figure out how I can get roof racks on it - not wanting to store too much weight on the roof but I’d love to be able to carry surfboards.

I’m nervous about drilling into the fibreglass roof - has anyone done this / have any suggestions? As you can see in the pic, it doesn’t have as much of a lip as the Westy pop tops so those brackets don’t fit.

I dont have a trakka, but they all have similar basic designs.

My camperize roof has a flat section where the side scissor lifters are fixed and they are drilled through the fibreglass roof and bolted through with stainless steel screws.

This flat section is where most people fit roof racks to a Camperize style roof.

However, I have seen racks on a trakka before just dont have photos.

This Camperize syncro has low profile racks again just drilled through the fibreglass outside the tent section and bolted through.

Hard to see the fixings though.

Sorry I cant be more helpful.



I still think this is your syncro:

Hey Scott thanks for replying,
That’s the only thought I’d come up with but was worried that drilling through the fibreglass might damage it or cause it to crack. Have you had any issues there?
I was thinking of getting some fittings that sit on the rain gutters when the roof is down as it looks like in that pic, but lifts up via the bolts through fibreglass when it’s raised. Also - I agree, that looks like it!

Mine just has stainless steel washers between the bolts and nuts. No sign of cracking after about 15 years of service.

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One word of caution. Too much weight up there can mean you need stronger lift. I found this out with my pop top after it was refurbished and I added a bit more weight. Peter

There’s a chap in the T3 Australia Facebook group who’s had his Trakka roof off and strengthened it with extra fibreglass and supports. I think for the same purpose. There are photos which might help you out.

Found it: Redirecting...

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