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An email came in this morning from Daryl of AATransaxle in Seattle in answer to a capacity question on the US Syncro website:
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Hello all

I am replacing the oil in my transmission, and am somewhat confused by the amount that it is taking. The trans holds 4.7 quarts, but you can
supposedly only replace 3.2 of those. I drained mine and started refilling it today, and so far it has taken 4 quarts and the level is still maybe a half inch bellow the fill hole.

The rear of the van was slightly lower than the front when I drained it, could that have allowed me to drain more than the 3.2 quarts?  Should I just keep adding more? And also, what is the appropriate level? Bentley specifies up to the bottom of the drain hole, but then I have heard mention that it should only be a little under the hole.  What is the consensus?

Thanks for your help on this perhaps overcautious inquiry.


This reply from Daryl of AATransaxle is very useful:
They take somewhere around 4.5 to 5 qts realistically and that depends on how much was drained and at what angle the van was. There is a check ball to keep the oil IN the granny/rev housing area, so some is always in there hiding.
Best to drain it hot and maybe even remove the little cover held on by the 6 small bolts to get all of it out. Reseal cover with RTV
Just fill till its even with the fill holes bottom and your good to go.
Remember..ALWAYS remove the fill plug first..cause if you drain it and then can't refill it...your screwed until you come up with a sneaky method of refilling.
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Hello fellow syncronots
could someone please help me with the capacitys for my 92 syncro
the best brand and hopefully the best place to purchase.
I'm on the sunshine coast would really appreciate any and all help
thanx heaps