Tyre size for 16” rims

I know this subject has been done to death but still I ask.
Who can tell me what is the biggest tyre I can run WITHOUT any mods on a 16x7 ET 31 steel rim. I was going to use 15” Merc steelies but am now looking at the Alcar 16” so my research starts again!

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With an ET of 31 - I wouldn’t go bigger than a 215 x 70 R16.

Interesting, thanks Scott. As I said still toying with the idea but based on what you say, which is what I suspected, I’m probably better of with my 15’s with a 215/75.


The taller the tyre the better the belly you will get when let them down.

You may be able to get a wider tyre but you would need someone who has already gone wider with that off-set to say whether it works or not.