Tyre wear with 2" lift

Hi Syncronaughts with 2" lift.
Does everyone’s front tyres wear more on the inside than the outside?..(like mine).
My mechanic said it needed a camber alignment.
Tyre shop said all specs are within reason.
He put more air in…up to 45psi.
He rotated (front only) left to right…right to left.
So, now I still have 2 front wheels with more wear on the inside.
Next week the better back wheels are going on the front.

Mechanic is correct.

Do not get wheel alignments at tyre shops. Go to a specialist.

Thanks Phill.
Just got to find a specialist “something”.

Totally agree Phil. Tyre shops are hopeless. Finding a good one in a regional town is the challenge. Rudi has one in Caboolture but its a long way to go!!! Peter

It doesn’t matter how high the lift is. If you can align it correctly the tyres will wear even. Just finding someone to do it correctly is difficult but try a steering and suspension specialist. Les Harris tested tyre pressures thoroughly and found 38psi wore even. I used 38psi on both of my T3s and never had a problem.

Hi Gerald,

I had mine do at JAX in Heatherbrae and this was the first time I have been happy with the job.

They had the correct specs and did all 4 wheels. I came back the next day with a carton as thanks :+1:

Hi and thanks for the replies.
I went to a tyre shop and got the 4 tyres stripped from the rims, tyres turned, refitted, balanced, and put the best tyres to the front.
Then I took it to Pedders (with the Bently) for an aligment, and was given a printout at the end.
Pedders don’t have a tyre machine, but they seem keen and have more of a professional interest in these cars.
Other than Pedders, there is also JAX (who spent some time on the phone)…thanks Phill and Nils for your advice.
I’ll run the tyres at 38psi and give that a go as well.
Hopefully I’ll get another 10,000 out of them.