Tyres - What are you Running

Now we can think about getting away and using our fantastic beasts - what tyres are people running and how are the road manners of them (on and off-road)?

My 235 75 15 BFG KO2s are extremely quiet on road compared with my ageing old set of BFG KO1s. I have only been in sand on them so far in off-road mode with no issues.

I ran Hankook tyres prior to that and they were horrible with very weak side-walls which I found on Moreton island getting staked by a small stick whilst driving along the inland trails.

Interested in everyone else’s experiences with their tyres…



I’m running Bridgestone Destination AT 205 x 75 x 15.
The spare fits underneath, I get about 40K, and this is my 2nd lot.
I hope this helps.

How are they on the road? Noisy - good grip in the wet?

I know Nils bought some BFGs and decided they were too noisy for him so he wanted to sell them…but I dont find them noisy at all. Well compared to the very noisy BFG Ko1’s.

I don’t find them noisey.
As for grip in the wet…ok…but I’ve nothing to compare them to.

With wet grip the weight of a syncro is usually great for keeping the wheels firmly planted so slip while driving on a road would be less likely - yet slip when say driving up or down a steep driveway, or starting off from lights up a slope in the wet…there is a possibility.

My old tyres would grip-slip-grip when reversing down my steep driveway wet or dry but worse in the wet.

The new tyres - no problem.

Hello Scott,
My beast wears BFG 215 75x15 AT KO2 - great tyre, nice compromise on noise and off road/on road grip given its aggressive tread. Had same tyre earlier though it was a 225 - preferred narrower tread (less fuel use and apparent more agility in the rough).

Great to hear you have good experience with BFG KO2s.

I thought I was the only one.

I like the wider 235’s as I do a bit of sand driving on my adventures and the skinny tyres like to get bogged quicker than the fatties. However on the rocks I think there would be very little difference and in mud???

Not sure with mud - could go either way…

15” K02 here as well - defo noisier than the old 14” road tyres, but not excessive and they seem to hold the road very well.
Haven’t don’t all that much 4x4 but they were fine on beach sand :slight_smile:

I’m actually amazed how quiet my KO2s are compared with the KO1s.

Prior to my subie upgrade my 6cyl subie had a noisy exhaust - so noisy I didn’t realise how noisy my tyres were. Then with the new tyres have made the van so much quieter overall. Cant scare the wife with it as easy anymore.

I am happy with them.

Seems like the next upgrade with be an electric motor :roll_eyes:

I have KO1s BGF 215 16 70s. Have been a good tyre. No issues on sand aired down. Predictable road handling. A bit noisier than Toyo AT and a bit firmer compound. So not as grippy on the road. Hard decision but would probably go KO2’s for the wear and off-road ability. Less road grip, but they act in a predictable manner if you know what I mean…

The only reason to go Toyo is if you want it to be quiet on the road but sounds like the KO2 is quieter anyway…

Agree Rowna,

The KOII’s are a massive amount quieter than the KO1s.

I was amazed.

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Hi Rowan. What size Toyos were you running? Just exploring for my Syncro as the 215 KO2s are so hard to get.
Cheers, Peter

I’m also interested for when my KO2s wear out!

Interesting I say a few T3’s (and a T4) running Nankang’s
Only spoke to one person with them, they were happy so for with how they drove (on a 2WD)
Anyone else using them?
NANKANG FT-7 All Terrain Tyre 27x8.5R14"

Looks to be equivalent to stock tires in diameter, just wider?