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USB Li handheld fans with pool noodle and stubbie cooler for the base. Fits in cup holder!
Also a good place for your stubbie coolers to live these cup holders are not used much in my van at least. Cost $10 each fan, I got 2 of them. Plug is near the top so could be plugged in and charging on the move.


The photos posted were upright from my phone but were turned on their side FYI - Devs

Nice hack! Better than rigging up power.

Getting to that time of year when driving a T3 is like being in an oven (much to my wife’s disgust - and the sweaty kids in the back).

Photo’s are upright now, did you have to tweak something or did it happen automagically ?

Edited the post after Rowan sent me the originals. Worked ok for me uploading the files from desktop. Might be a mobile upload thing.

Hey Rowan,
Great post, went out did the same thing, particularly as my van has cup holders in the back by the bed too.

I wasn’t keen on some random thing off ebay China so went searching for higher end variants.

Turns out Bunnings has them,
6 blade fan, 5 speed settings, 3 hours on high.
The handgrip/battery is a little fatter and taller than yours seem to be, but still fits in the pool noodle.
And! They’re on special for $15 right now.


Cool Nills,

Good to know. It was an impulsive buy and I didn’t know how it would work until all the elements just came together in a flash of insight!



Can report these worked well on my trip but not in the high temps as they just blow hot air at you. I obtained a small evaporative cooler which blows cold air better than nothing. The make was Lion.

Rowan… you’re a genius!
So simple.