VAG OEM pair of swivel seat bases FOR SALE

Rarely if ever, seen FOR SALE in Australia on their own, I have a pair of genuine VAG OEM front seat swivel bases in excellent condition & working order. Part #251.881.313.
Also included are two sets of fastening bolts, nuts & washers. Pics show the actual swivel bases.

As a guide, Just Kampers list a NON VAG aftermarket for $AU514.00 per each (OOS), see here:

A similar example to mine is a one only swivel base available from USA here:

So for their asking $US200, add say $US120+ shipping to OZ, this single item can be had for around $AU500 landed, assuming the seller can be cajoled to ship it to you from overseas.

So for my two genuine VAG OEM examples available locally, I’m asking a bargain PER EACH price of just $300 OBO. Selling the two together as a pigeon pair, buyer can split later if you so choose.

Pick up is preferred from the Central Coast NSW,
or if it can be arranged is via transportation between fellow syncronaughts,
or else depending where, by arrangement I MAY be able to deliver for cost of fuel,
or else if you’re attending Old Bar VW Festival this coming October long weekend, maybe a fellow syncronaught could bring them to you there.

For further particulars, contact me on mob 0413 232 607.
Cheers. Ken

These are awesome and well worth installing.

I have a passenger side swivel seat in my syncro and it makes the living space huge - great for those wet cold nights!

Hi Scott,
Totally agree with your thoughts on swivel bases functionality.

I’m giving notice now this sale will complete shortly.
If there is any additional interest, either for one or the pair of swivels, please register with me asap on mob. 0413 232 607
Cheers. Ken

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Great stuff Ken, hope they are going to a good home!

These seat swivels are now sold Richard. Not ever met the buyer but my impression of him is he is a T3 enthusiast. Can’t fault that eh. … or can you!! HA!

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T3 enthusiast, must have rocks in his head… :slight_smile:

T3 owners are a select group, and worth encouraging!!

I have swivel bases installed by TRAKKA and find them really useful when camping as well as when trying to carry something long!
To swivel the drivers side 180 degrees I need to remove the steering wheel. Is this “normal”?

Hi Peter.
Hope you’re going well.
I had a 2WD 89 Caravelle GL with original Captain’s Chairs and adjustable armrests on swivel bases.
I can’t remember exactly, but I was able to “swivel” the driver’s seat by sliding the seat forward (or back?) and winding
the armrest (down, I think) to bypass the steering wheel when rotating…a little fiddly, but worked for me (without removing the steering wheel).
A great social arrangement when there’s 4 people sitting in the car drinking coffee and listening to music.
That was a beautiful car in metallic “beige”…but it wasn’t a Syncro.
Hope this helps.

Yes definitely possible with adjustment of the track position/ backrest angle etc, yet if you have a cupboard fitting hard against the back of the battery tray it becomes extremely tight - not sure if they will swivel in that situation.

Interesting, as I thought these worked well. I fitted my own set to my T2, and could not spin either front seat without opening the door!! (the fresh air vent on the door card of the T2 was too wide).