Valla VW Spectacular 2022

Macksville VW Spectacular - July 2022

It’s on again!

Macksville VW Spectacular_Itinerary-2022.pdf (1.7 MB)

How awesome…I’ve got annual leave from work for the week. Just got to figure out how/where to book!

If you are not staying at Valla Beach, just book direct with the motel, caravan park etc.
See you there,


PS. It is not at Macksville this year.

Booked and Donna has been fantastic with her prompt assistance!

So who else is going? Not sure if I can make it yet, but am keen if there will be a few Syncro’s going.

Hi Richard,

Yes, I’m going in my syncro.

Not sure what day - that will depend on circumstances with my elderly mum in her dementia care and work and possible covid issues.

Do they have an off-road tour day like they did a few years ago when the country buggies were there?

I will be there. Either in my Syncro with a brand new looking pop top or a borrowed T6 Trakkadu. Will arrive Friday, do the run to Nambucca on Saturday and if I have the Syncro, deliver it to Coffs Canvas on Saturday afternoon for a new canvas.
Cheers, Peter

Thanks guy’s good to hear. I’ll see if I can get down.
I know Mark (from Brissy) is heading down in his Syncro.

Regrettably I’m a no show for Valla this year. :hot_face:
Will be trying though for Old Bar Beach Festival on October long weekend.
Enjoy fellas! :grinning:

Bummer Ken.

I was hoping we could do the trail that they did with the Country buggies last time it was on at Macksville.

You can still do that Scott.
Just need first to gather the troops :face_with_monocle: into a circle then lead off! :star_struck:
Enjoy the tagalong! :minibus: :minibus: :minibus: :minibus:

This event starts on Sunday evening this week and runs to the following Sunday evening.

Hopefully the weather improves significantly by Wednesday as that’s when I’m heading up.

Anyone else braving the wet and cold?

Weather is looking great this week - seems the stars have aligned for this long awaited VW festival!

Hi to all those who could make it to the show. Was a great evet, good weather and a great crowd.
By my calculations I saw 8 x T3 and 2 x T4 Syncro’s?? Pity we did not get a shot all together. Would have been nice to organize that for the show an shine.
Only a short stay for me, but was great to make it down.

I know it was not a Syncro, or even a T3, but there was a very nice T4 Westy there. Great looking van, not sure if there would be another in Australia? They really do make a nice camper, and looks like a step up from that was in the T3’s.

Oh, and yes I made it home OK!! Very slow drive to nursing the van home, but no issues. No will be the fun of diagnosing the issue. Fingers crossed it’s not too bad!!

Ric, this is the alternator bracket. I have not fitted mine yet, but is on the to do list. I still do not thing the factory bracket is bad, but they probably suffered from over tensioning or failing belts. You’re original bracket may be a little bent and might need straightening before you could use this kit.
Alternator Bracket Bundle Install (GoWesty) - YouTube
I saw this also, I think that is a great idea!
Alternator Tension Bundle Install (GoWesty) - YouTube

This video is not ideal as it’s a 2WD and fitting a no original lever, but has a simple explanation of the process. Look at 19:40. Only in the Syncro we have a different stop as you saw.
VW T3 / T25 / Vanagon - 711 Shifter Upgrade - 5-speed Gear Lever Install - YouTube
The center “spline” I would not consider a spline, more serrations to enable the clamp to grip. It should be free (well tight but movable) to spin when loosened, but with age they would be well beaded in and very hard to budge.

I have not had issues in the lever in mine, but have replaced all the bushes all the way to the back. The ones at the gear box end are most prone to wear and need to be kept tight. I have bought a number of new ones, but I think regular replacement is needed as new do not seem to last that long!

VW Type 25 Gear Levers & Linkage Parts (
(Not endorsing JK, just a good list of parts in the linkage)


found a bit more, but I find the video’s are good as you can at least see the process, and make your own adjustments from there
Gear Linkage-VW-T25-T3-Vanagon-Bus-Syncro-Campervan-Gearbox-Transmission-Repair-4 Speed-5speed- UK-Ireland - Vantopia
Gearbox Clutch CVs - Renovating 4 speed change mechanism Pt2 - VW T25(T3)-Tech (
Gearbox Clutch CVs - Adjusting 4 speed change mechanism - VW T25(T3)-Tech (

VW Vanagon Shifting Linkage Overhaul! - YouTube

Hi Richard and others from Valla. Glad you made it home Richard. I have installed the Gowesty alternator kit with the two brackets. Bit tricky to fit but it makes the set up rock solid.
I took a few photos of vans that the others will find interesting. Includin the one for sale.

Thanks Peter.

Great to catch up at Valla.

Shame Hart didnt want to come and maybe bring up Big Red!

Here are some photos I took during the weekend up there…

My campsite I shared with my brother and a couple of mates from Central Coast:

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Very cool Scott, thanks for posting! I did not take many photo’s , but will put a couple up soon. Nice to see the Syncro’s out!
No photo’s of the T4’s :slight_smile: