Vanagon syndrome. capacitor fix.

Hi all. I experienced vanagon syndrome with my telstra van. After about half an hours driving, buck,cough, splutter, loss of power. I pulled over and turned the motor off for a couple of minutes, restarted her and she ran perfectly.Has ever since. Anyway in short i thought i'd try the "capacitor fix" on the AFM rather than the much more expensive in line harness. I've fitted the capacitor(Sprague 22uf 25v Tantalum capacitor). I can't report any results as i havn't done enough ks to verify one way or the other. Anyway i ordered a pack of 10 capacitors off the internet for about 3 bucks (30c each). I've got 9 surplus. If anyone is interested let me know your address and i'll send you one for free. The site i used for fitting instructions is Bill