Very Interesting Comment Found on Jeep Site in US- Careful - Dont show the Boss!

Fellow forum members,
This was found via a link from another forum and is going viral around the world due to the first reposnse to the original post.
It has some colourful language though.
Note - just a written post - no nudity.
I have a stupid sense of humour though.
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Hi Ben, i sent you my hotmail address in a previous mail so we can sort out payment for the GoWesty springs etc. Maybe you missed it? If so just let me know and I'll send again.



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Ken, et, al.

My vote is for Corian. I've seen the local autocross racers use these to keep their cars from scrapping all the way to the ground. Wears like metal and cuts like hardwood. I'm betting they wear better than nylon cutting/chopping board.

This still begs the question on how well these can be secured without the L-shaped portion normally molded in the original. Besides the hole in the metal, how do you propose to hold the bushes from popping off vertically? 

Interesting "hack" as a temporary repair. Saw some thread in the US where some guy used epoxy to affix pieces of hose over the forks. He complained that the wear characteristic were less than acceptable regardless of how much grease he applied. Ironically, said grease may have been dissolving the hose depending on hose material. Still a good hack if you are stuck in the middle of the outback without a shiftrod to paddle yourself out.

Once upon a time, I used electrical tape form a tip out of epoxy for an umbrella. Thirty years later and frequent use of said umbrella tip on concrete sidewalks and it's still relatively serviceable. Wondering if one could do something similar to the shift forks. You can even work the epoxy once it's hardened into the desired shape.


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Ben and ALL,
Two materials presently come to mind for these bushes, the nylon type as used in kitchen cutting boards or else the kitchen benchtop material called Corian, made by Dupont.
I already have sourced the Corian in 12mm thickness (ideal thickness for me to try) but so far I've been unable to source 12mm thick nylon type kitchen cutting board. It once was readily available but these days they seem to have reduced the thickness of nylon cutting boards down to say 8mm and 6mm. I'm not interested in laminating them. Anyone out there know where to source 12mm thick nylon cutting board type material, please let us know. TIA.

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Ken,Graham and group,I have been following the end of this very interesting thread as I too have a recent sloppy gear change.
One question,what do you make these bushes out of?I know its been said,hard plastic,but what do you recomend.
I was thinking if I can get one thick enough, a choping block.(the same as what you can use for rear spring spacers).
What do you think?
I am to get under the bus this arvo,and have a closer look.
Graham, very helpful photos.

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> BenT,
> Yes well seeing as I have already used W (width) and H (height) for the other two directions on the plan, I was left with only L (length for the 3rd direction). One can always argue the toss as to which is W, H and L in 3 dimensional shapes. So by deduction from your figures so far, we've established the height and width (thickness) of the bushes, I'm just wanting to have confirmed the remaining unknown of each bush ... their length. TIA.
> Cheers.
> Ken
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> > BenT, the two other dimensions I listed/sought dimensions for were the L1 and L2 (length ) of each bush. If you could please measure the length of both bushes and advise. Thanks.
> Am I assuming correctly that when you refer to 'length' you mean 'width' of you were viewing the bush from the side. At any rate, I will take measurements just as soon as I crawl out of bed. (Yes, Theo. I do sleep on occasion though mostly reluctantly.)
> BenT