Very quiet on the forum

Am I not receiving the posts for some reason or is just quiet at the moment?
'89 Syncro Trakka

Hi Peter,

Its just quiet at the moment.

I have a feeling everyone in NSW & Victoria is holding their breath to see if they do actually escape these lock-downs so we can actually use our syncros again.

I have seen the same thing on other forums.

Hopefully the various places stay open and we become one country again so we can plan some long adventures…

I think it’s very quiet here because people are having trouble accessing the forum.(including me) It may be better if we move to the Kombi Club forum. I think this forum will die soon.

Phil, could you please elaborate on “having trouble accessing the forum” because if you have a logon its easy to access.

A click on the SEARCH icon (magnifying glass symbol), a couple of words and may be some extra tuning via the OPTIONS in the search (say a date range) will get to any information from the beginning of the yahoo group creation.

It also works on your smart phone via the Discourse App while we’re out doing what our Syncro’s do best as long as we’re not too deep and off the mobile grid.

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I have to agree.

Ive never had a problem getting into this forum.

Ive noticed very few syncros for sale too - actually the quantity of T3s for sale is low and it is quiet on all forums I am on - maybe its me to blame :roll_eyes:

I used to be able to access the forum OK then it changed to a blank page. Now I can see the page but cannot log in. (Browser too old message). I can borrow a computer to access. This is why I do not reply straight away.

I am on about 10 other forums that work OK.

Just saying that there are probably others with the same problem that just don’t bother hence less posts.

That is odd Phill.

I have never had that issue and my internet is not the most reliable either.

Upgrade your browser Phill. Probably help with other sites as well plus added security updates, etc.

Or use your phone. The Discourse app is very good.


Computer is too old to update the browser. It is not really a problem for me as I just borrow another computer. I was just saying that there are probably others with the same problem that just don’t bother hence less posts which was a reply to the original query.

I have bought the wife a new computer so I will access this forum from there. I still do not think this forum has a very user friendly format compared to any of the others.

I love this forum so I hope it survives! No probs accessing it and I like that it’s tots dedicated to Syncro and smaller / great peeps :wink:

I agree with Scott from what I have just experienced travelling and dodging angry rain in NSW during the past few weeks. Spotted only one T3 in 3500kms of travelling - and that was a yellow one (2WD) in Old Bar township!

Hang in there Peter. Like grizzly bears the T3s will emerge from their hibernation seeking their ilk and feasting on travels and companionship.


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