Vibration 60-80km/hr

Hi guys.
Have recently had my front diff input shaft seal replaced as well as the gearbox end uni joint. Finally got my tail shaft back in and have vibration from about 60 to 80km/hr.
I want to try loosening the front diff as i have read on some of the forums but how far do i drive and what speed do i go?

So i loosened the front diff, went for a drive around the block retightened it and most of the vibration is gooone.
See how we go over time. I may get it balanced.

Well done Neil,
Many people have had to realign the front diff to get rid of vibration after removing the front diff.
However, you wouldn’t have had to do that to do the seal I would think.
Did you have a vibration before the shaft removal?

Yes, good work Neil. Alignment and confirming the mounts are all sound are important. Removing/re-installing can upset this, and if the mounts are worn could introduce the issue.
If the rear uni has been replaced if the original alignment was not kept, the tail shaft could be out of balance and worth checking.
If the uni was replaced, the bush there could be worn also which would add to vibration.

It does seem to be a dreaded problem and hard to cure!!