Volksfest Swansea

Managed to drag myself to Volksfest over the weekend - well Saturday anyway to join in the cruise to Caves Beach - which we arrived a bit late - yet most cars were still there.

Only 2 syncros including mine in the cruise, yet a few more nice T3s.

I spotted a few more syncros in the camping area when the swap meet was on.

An interesting event and I am sure I will come back again when it next happens (apparently every 2 years - opposite years to Valla)

Ricks trakka syncro was also there (Forgot to get a photo)

And this looked like a syncro from afar, yet was a 2wd raised version.

There was also a bay dual cab ute with syncro stickers, yet definitely no syncro system underneath.

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Great to see Scott,
Must be that time of year, after a long dry spell, I also went to the local VW drivers club show in Brisbane. I just stopped in for a quick look. Only saw one other Syncro T3 and a Synco T4.
Were a few T3’s there which was good to see.

Yes things are improving.

I’m heading up to Old Bar tomorrow so hopefully good run of weather and subsequent great turnout at the event.

Anyone else coming up or down to Old Bar NSW this weekend?

You bringing any other van’s, or in the Syncro?